ERROR: Failed to update submissions values

I keep on getting the error’ Failed to Update Submission values’ when trying to save the entries i have edited. How do i address this?

Hello. I have the same issue.

Dear Kal,

I could not send you a private message, but here are the details:

username: xxxxxxx
project name: WASH KAP WASH y Nutricion 22 hogar comunidad

Welcome to the community, @epiabroad. Could you also share a screenshot of the error message you are getting? Maybe that would also help us understand and troubleshoot your issue.

@pedro_ogando, @Tonyk, @marcel_blankenstein, @misganuendrias, @uprosper_2022, @zayesh, @vasyl_karas, @epiabroad, @fsalazar_wcs, @eddie, @trinopaez412 I just made a quick test as follows:

  • Created a dummy project. I had three questions.
  • Deployed the project.
  • Filled up dummy data and submitted (made three submissions) it to the server.
  • I then added a text (comment) question to the project. So now, the project has four questions in total.
  • I tried to bulk edit this text (comment) question to update all three submissions at once. It was successful without any issues.
  • I also tried making a bulk edit to select one question (sex) and changed the sex to Male for all the records.

Could you all try it out to see if the issue still exists? Maybe you could also try a dummy project to see how it behaves first.

I am facing this issue while updating values on the server itself. I have a non-humanitarian server. Kindly assist.

Dear Kai,

Is there a workaround or solution that doesn’t involve creating/cloning a new/existing project? Did you manage to identify the issue?

Hi everybody

I have already posted this, but obtained no conclusive response. Why do I keep getting errors in Bulk Editing? The following image appears:

Form name: WASH KAP WASH y Nutricion 22 hogar comunidad

Thanks in avance,

@pedro_ogando, is this an issue for only a single project, or is it an issue for multiple projects? Do you get the error message even with a new dummy project? Have you tried it on a new dummy project to see how it behaves? Please let us know so that it would be helpful for us during our investigation.

Dear Kal,
I have seen this issue on other deployed projects that we have on our account (washvenezuela) - I tried creating a dummy project, and it seems to go away. How can we fix the existing surveys?


Hello @Kal_Lam Same here, unable to batch edit submissions, in some cases only (which, unfortunately, represent the majority of the submissions). When the the submissions are made using the web form. Then (in my case) there is no issue editing them. However, when it comes to edit submissions made through Kobo Collect, then it is not possible. Currently i’m trying to update data from a drop-down listed answer question (choose your city). Did you figure out where the issue is coming from ? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @Kal_Lam I am also currently facing the same issue of Failed to update sumbissions values. However i am just trying to update a single submission, i always get an error

Dear @Kal_Lam - any updates?