Error for form completion

Buenas tardes,

Estaba intentando diligenciar un formulario implementado desde la app para Android y me aparece el siguiente error:

¿ustedes me podrían decir por qué ocurre?

Muchas gracias.

Hi @danielarodriguez,

Would it be possible to share your xlsform with us so that we could test it from our end and let you know the cause for the error message.

Thank you so much, yesterday I found the error, I have some questions with the option randomizer.

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Hi @danielarodriguez,

Could you share how you solved the issue by yourself. This should be useful for the entire community forum.

Sure, I checked one of my question and it was like that:

So I had to delete the question to remove the options “randomize” and “seed 1” and I had to rebuild the question and the form worked in the app.