Error Importing Data

Dear Kal,
I am having a challenge downloading data as XLS. What could be the issue? Here are the log in details. The form I am trying to import is “ABC”
User: xxxx

Could you also share with us a screenshot of your issue? This should help us understand your issue pictorially.

Did you redeploy this survey project?

Not at all.

It has a repeat section and I am suspecting that could be causing issues

So you mean there is a repeat group in this survey project?

Yes, there is a repeat group in the survey. Have you gained access to the account?

Have you tried downloading your data in XLS (legacy) format?

I thought of that but then I got this message,
“This export format will not be supported in the future. Please consider using one of the other export types available”.

This made be opt out of it since this form will be used for long-term data collection

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Do you think I got the setting of the repeats right?

It will be announced through the community announcement hence you should be able to use the XLS (legacy) smoothly until then.

Thanks Kal. Do you think I got the setting of the repeats right?

Maybe you could download your data and then see if they are in the format you designed your survey project.

Hi @jmkariuki24

If you had the setting wrong, the form would not even have deployed in the first place.

Could you please send your user name and name and link to the project in a private message?