Error in dynamic linking of forms

I have two forms, i’m supposed to link dynamically. The child project, which is supposed to pull data from the parent project already has some data. On trying to import data from parent project to child project, the import doesn’t complete and keeps loading. I also created copies of both the forms and linking worked perfectly in them, but not in the original ones. What might be the issue? I’m stuck in this for quite a time now.

Welcome to the community, @kanchan112! Maybe you will need to follow the steps outlined in the support article Dynamic Data Attachments.

Thanks for for your response. I have followed every step in the article. I have 6 forms. every other form has no issue in dynamic attachment as child project as well as parent project. This one particular form can not import data from any other projects as a child project. This form also has some already collected data before modifying it. On making the exact replica project with same form, the replica works fine but I don;t know what’s wrong with this original form.

On uploading the form, it outputs "Unexpected KoBoCAT error 200: " and the metedata of every form and media in server. It is very urgent

Screenshot from 2022-09-29 15-33-12