Error in the downloaded data

Hi all,
in my project there are some of the submitted data, which keeps being wiped out in part whenever I download (export) them into the excel file.
I would like to know the exact reason of such error, as well as possible solutions to avoid facing this error next time

-Username: xxxxxxx
-Server: OCHA (my team is using the
-Project name: xxxxxxx

The above mentioned error was from the latter project (EE …IEs …Jun11), and specifically two data (specified as ‘‘48386801’’ and ‘‘47112266’’, under the study ID column) showed the error

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind support,

Hi @sawalee,

Could you kind share with us the screenshot of the issue you are seeing.

Have a great day!

sure, so for example this data has fully been filled out and submitted.

However, when I download this by using the Downloads

The corresponding data (submitted answers) is blank


Hi @sawalee,

Could you also let us know the mode of data collection (KoBoCollect android app or Enketo) that you used to record this form.

Have a great day!

Sure @Kal_Lam it was Enketo, thanks. I appreciate your help

Hi @sawalee,

Would you also mind providing us the following information:

  • Browser used
  • Operating System

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam Sorry for the late reply
Browser used: Chrome and Explorer
OS: Windows

Thank you,

Hi @sawalee
Having reviewed your issue, the fact that there are only two instances of the data missing may indicate more of a user than a system issue. To ascertain this:

  1. Confirm whether the data shows anything on the table view?
  2. Are these two specifically collected by different individuals?

In most cases when we have these issues, it is normally due to a failure to fill the form in entirety sometimes in between deployment of different versions of the form. How many deployment versions of your form do you have?


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Hi @stephanealoo,
1, the data shows only a few info in the first several columns and is wiped out in the middle
2. Yes data was collected by different individuals.
Five deployment versions, however my team modified very minor (e.g. just edited Hints) so did not think that it may be a reason for this error,
But please let me know of your thoughts


Can you confirm this query

Unfortunately, there is no way to be able to ascertain the issue; can you send your account information on a private message i.e. name and name of project ONLY

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