Error in uploading media

Hi ,

I have created a form with 100 + photoes in questions.

When I tried to upload photo to the form, it showed me this message:;

We no longer recommend using the legacy interface. Please access all our new features in the new interface (new map, table, reports, labeled data exports, etc.). If you have deployed your project directly in the legacy interface, there is no way to use these new features. This legacy interface will be removed shortly.

500 Error

If this is a significant error that needs to be fixed, please send a support request to with information about what triggered this error.

I was directed to the new kobo tool box page, however when I tried to upload more than 5 photoes to the form it appear the same message repeatedly,

Is there any suggestion on size of the photoes? or new way to upload the photoes to the form?

Hi @Okard,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing your xlsform and the photos so that we could upload at our end and see what is causing the problem.

If you feel uncomfortable to share your xlsform and the photos in this post, you could share with me through a private message.