Error loading a form modification

Buenos días.

Al momento de tratar de realizar una modificación en la información de un formulario nos arroja el siguiente error:

JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

Anexo una captura de pantalla de la situación.

¿Cómo se puede resolver dicho problema? Necesito editar una información y no me está dejando el sistema.

Is this an issue for only a single record or for all the records? Could you check out to see if the project has been archived?

Hola. En primer lugar, ocurre con todos los registros que intento modificar. En segundo lugar, me sucede con dos proyectos y a su vez, son proyectos que no están archivados, si están funcionando y seguimos cargando nuevos registros, pero no nos está dejando modificar los registros que ya tenemos en el sistema.

OK as a quick cross check, would you mind doing the following to see if this has any affect:

  • Clone your survey project.
  • Deploy the cloned project.
  • Make a dummy submission.
  • Try editing the dummy submission you made.

Buenos días.

Después de hacer el ejercicio propuesto, en el formulario clonado si me permite editar el ejemplo realizado.

Sorry! Did not get you clearly? Did you mean, you were able to edit the submission without any issue for a cloned project?

En el proyecto clonado si se puede.

Did you mean you are able to edit in a cloned project @europanafasetres?

Same happen to me, only on Single Submission URL.

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@finlay, thank you for showing up with this case. Would you mind providing more details on how this happens at your end. Maybe that should be helpful for us to investigate if this should be a bug.

Sorry but looks like happen after change the name of the survey (the name have “:” only happen in one case) restarting the services solve the issue for me. (I’m working on self hosted server)

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Thank you for providing details on this @finlay! That should be very helpful.

If the Windows Forms Designer fails to load due to an error in your … Error message: "The text in the code window could not be modified. High performance Form component with data scope management. … Select a option and change input text above. Submit Reset Fill form. Form methods.

Welcome to the community, @Camacho! Could you also share a screenshot of the same? Maybe that should be helpful for the community to troubleshoot your issue.