Error loading message seen when trying to edit a submission

Hi Community,

I am facing some challenges on my Kobo account since last week, recently I have downloaded a Xls form from my acc to add some “choices” options, when I upload the form back to kobo, I can visualize the changes I have made, and it works just fine, but i cant edit the form on kobo as it says: “Error loading survey: cascading choices can only reference one choice list”, can someone please help me? I would really like to add the file, but I am unable as I am new user, and it wont allow me!

Welcome to the community, @Charama! You should have some syntax issues within your xlsform. To check if everything is OK, try downloading your xlsform and then validate the xlsform through this online validator. This online validator should help you identify the syntax errors that are present within your xlsform.