Error message in deployed form

Hi @scherrie,

Would you mind sharing your xlsform so that the community would be able to provide feedback on the same. It’s really difficult to read your xlsform as an image.

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aYHZrG3EsKQT6Zod26kVhn (3).xlsx (21.4 KB)

Hi Kal, here is the xls form. I cannot understand why its telling me about zero repeats.

Additionally, I have some calculations that I created in the form builder. I notice they are appearing on the actual registration form. Is there a way that the calculations can be done but are not visible to the enumerator as well?

The calculations for household members,
and the survey duration time (amount_integer and amount_decimal) which are requiring me to input a figure. These are appearing in the form as for the enumerator to input a variable.
I also notice that the unique id number is not created.

Also receiving this error message

I’m unable to reply the error… it seems to work for me… I’m the OCHA serveur

For not showing the results of the calculation just delete the “Note” that display the calculation, you computation will stay but will not be shown in a note

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If I understand correctly. Delete the notes, but the calculations will remain

Yes the calculation are made in the Calculate line of the form and you can still refer to the result with ${name}

As you can see, the note line is refering to the result, but if you dont want to show it delete the note line in the XLS Form

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Pardon my ignorance as I am new to this and am not that IT literate. Should I delete the note in form builder preferably and that in turn would remove it from XLS? It actually showing up on the form that the enumerator will use to guide data collection. I don’t want them saying stuff which is uncessary but I need to capture the info.

The household error came up on the app while doing data entry. I do not understand what it means or why it is appearing. Shouldnt questions in a group appear together?

And i’m afraid you are facing the field list issue for a very common problem of Kobo:

Field-list allow for loading a group of question in one unique page of KoboCollect, however if you have logic between the question as in your question about the language “if not english which language”, these questions will not upload in the page

I’m afraid you have to separate your question with logic in diferent field-list for it to work on the app

Please correct me others because i use less and less the app…

Yes you can delete the note in the form builder too as you want

The note is for displaying information, the computation is for saving computational results, if you keep the computation but quit the note you’ll keep the value, just won’t show it

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Thank you Quentin. What I also did was decide not to show the questions on one page which seems to not present the error!

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Hi @scherrie
Welcome to the community. I was looking at the various responses provided and I reviewed your xls. I hope these will provide you with the solution:

The issue with this is that you have indicated these questions as required. and you applied a skip logic to get to them. When you do that, the questions have to be filled and as such you cannot have no response on that repeat group. The best way is to make the repeat skipped when you do not need the question.

I have added the original excel with highlighted note questions that you should be able to delete. Revised04302020_KTB.xlsx (22.7 KB) . I have also gone ahead and deleted them in this revised form which you see in the next comment.

On the error you were seeing, you had added two end_groups at the row 27 which I have corrected here Revised04302020_KTB_Revised.xlsx (22.4 KB)

And as mentioned by @Quentin you calculation will still remain


Thank you for replying Stephane. This is my first time using Kobo, and I am not used to the expressions and language. If I understand you correctly, all I need to do us upload the (Revised043020_TB_Revised.xls form to Kobo, and it would address all the issues you highlighted?

Yes that should be the case. Just reach out here in case you have a problem and I will address it ASAP

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Thank you. Can you look at this upload and see if this works as well, as I made an attempt to fix the problem which appeared to work.aBu77fUDJ5B9bgBLDD9ked (4).xlsx (21.6 KB)

What I find however is that the label for “user name” does not appear in the download of the xls form even though it was there when the form was uploaded back to Kobo.

Also I note that I may have written the expressions wrong to obtain the time taken for the survey as it asks me to input and integer and decimal at the end of the form (see rows 123 and 124)

Also am I supposed to see the serial number (unique ID) in the form as it does not appear.

Thank you for your assistance. This support group has been great for a newbie like myself. I do have other questions to ask to enhance this form

Did you try the form I uploaded?

I didnt as yet because I had made changes to the form previously. So I was just checking to make sure I do not have to make an entire amount of changes again if it differs from your form.

Kindly try and compare them on your end even if as a new project and see. That way we are able to provide you support on what you have already tried from from our previous advice.

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agreed. i appreciate this

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I uploaded the form and tried it. It worked. However, I noticed that the uploaded file contained the label for “user name”, but if I open it up, the field appears blank. Why is that info not stored on the file after the xls is downloaded?

Hi @scherrie

The above has been discussed here


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