Error message in if statement

I am trying to use following formula

If used individually in a separate file this formula works fine but when used in actual project i am getting following error message

error message

Any suggestions?


@mandarsathe, could you try to list out your dummy questions and choices for this so that we understand it clearly. At the moment I see that you are trying to use a condition that meets all the if condition you have stated i.e. your condition <=7.5 satisfies <=5.5 which also satisfies <=3.3, <=2.2 and <=1.1.

In original project, this formula was linked to another formula. There was an additional ā€œ,ā€ in this another formula and thus was the error message. The model is working now.
Thanks for your support @Kal_Lam .

ā€“ Mandar

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Thank you for confirming, @mandarsathe!