Error message on deployment

I got this message when trying to deploy my form: “Your form could not be deployed because it contains errors: No JSON object could not be decoded”

@solujimi, it means you have some errors in your file. Take some time to go through each line for errors or you could share your file so we can assist you debug.

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Hi @solujimi,

Welcome back to the community! You could also validate your xlsform with to identify the syntax errors within the form. GOOD DAY!

Hi, i got the xls file into but not clear about what to do. I’m not so familiar with kobotoolbox. I created the form following a tutorial from Youtube. The one the tutor did was deployed but mine wasn’t. Even after correcting the errors, how do i get it back into kobotoolbox for deployment?

Hi @solujimi,

Would advise you to go over through these two support article which should help you how to deploy the survey project using KoBoToolbox:

Quick Start Overview
How to deploy a form to start a new data collection project

You could also search other relevent support articles at: