Error message seen (Server Error) while trying to Get Blank Form from the server to my KoBoCollect android app


My friends in other parts of India are trying to download the form they are getting invalid username and password,

. URL (https;// on retrial it says server authentication failed.

Help appreciated.

Hi @Rama_Rohini

It looks like you’re using a semi colon ; in your URL instead of a colon :

Try this URL ( and see if that works :wink:

Hi mike

Thank you for the response.

My friend is using the correct URL and username and password yet she is unable to download.

I shared URL as shown on the dashboard

Kindly help

Look forward

Hi @Rama_Rohini,
I suggest you try logging into a browser and see if the password works. In this case, the problem could be that the user name or password is wrong.


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