Error message seen when trying to edit a submission

@gbompani, have you tried this with ODK Collect to see if the android app supports this design?

On the face of it this looks like the same issue as the bug reported in Calculate in dynamic repeat activated despite skip - giving error for online submission/edit

If this is indeed the same issue, the Github ticket is issue with repeats: context node not found · Issue #661 · enketo/enketo-core · GitHub and its related bug ticket Calculate type in dynamic repeat groups error · Issue #775 · enketo/enketo-core · GitHub

Github states

Calculate type inside a dynamic repeat (repeat_count) with a reference in relevant creates an error when the repeat is skipped. Case cannot be submitted online. So, also edit of submitted cases is no more possible.
The bug is found on new submission with Enketo and on re-editing/submit for data at the KoBo server (from Collect offline).