Error message seen while deploying a survey form

Hello everyone,
I receive this message "chargement…
There has been a problem trying to replace ${region_naissance} with the XPath to the survey element named ‘region_naissance’. There is no survey element with this name."
each time I want to have an overview and print the form.
Thanks for help.

Hi @nkue,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that it seems like you are trying to use an expression which contains ${region_naissance} within your xlsform but in fact the same is not present.

If you are still not able to fix the issue kindly please feel free to share your xlsform with the community.

Have a great day!

As Kal_Lam wrote, normally, this is caused by a spelling error in the ${} reference context. Could you check (with token search) that there is a region_naissance in the name column of your survey sheet.
In rare cases the reference could even target the settings sheet (e.g. instance_name).

It’s not related to choices here, as you would get another error : "List name not in choices sheet: MyYesNo’.
Have a safe week.

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Thank you all,
I am still learning Kobo,
all these syntaxes have been generated automatically.
Also, it looks like I can not upload the form

Hi @nkue,

Would you mind refreshing your page and then try uploading.

Have a great day!

This is the form

aMLfhNQQsXTk36jxjgKkVa.xlsx (94.8 KB)


Hi @nkue
There seems to be an issue with your form. You reference a question region_naissance which does not exist on the questionnaire.

I checked the XLS form and this reference issue seems to be a main problem in all of your choice filters.

I would suggest you make changes to them by referencing the appropriate question names.


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Thank you @stephanealoo
Please can you help with a sample, illustrating how to appropriately reference question names!?
The goal of these questions, is to identify the place of birth of the respondent .


Hi @nkue,

As outlined by @stephanealoo, the issue is with the cascading select question type (choice_filter). Kindly please see the fix that i have made:

To learn more on cascading select, kindly please have a look at our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions.

Reference edited xlsform:
aMLfhNQQsXTk36jxjgKkVa.xlsx (97.2 KB)

Have a great day!

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Just to add, it’s not a problem of the cascade strucure. This is just the place where your ${ } reference variable names which did not exist. (2 * 3 errorneous references)

Side-note: Choice_lists (in choices sheet) can have the same name as variables (in survey) sheet. Same naming may reduce the risk of those reference errors.

and all the community,
thanks for help.