Error message seen while previewing a survey form

Good afternoon,

When entering the preview option, it is generating the following error and it happens after the update they made yesterday.

would you mind to have a look at the previous hints in the forum.

This can also happen, if you have too long names for choices cut down automatically

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As I mentioned earlier, you need to look through your form carefully on the choices sheet and identify duplicates within the list_names and within the names in a list_name. This could be the one causing the issue.


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Hello @cispmed,
Do you still have this issue after the Enketo update this Wednesday?
I took a look at your form, today and could not reproduce the error problem.
I sorted the choices sheet (on columns A and B) and added an Excel check formula = IF( AND(A3 = A2), B2 = B1), “dup”, “”), without any finding.
Also a check of your form with doesn’t indicate problems.

Side-note: I would suggest to re-use the same choice_list (like Yes / No or Low / Medium / High) at several places.
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