Error message seen with Map

Hi everyone!

I have this problem in my own server. When I try to get the map of a form I receive this:

Only the map, because I can view Descargas, Galería, Tabla, Reportes.

Thanks for help!

It could be because your installation is an old version which has some bugs. There was a similar bug when searching in the data table using UUIDs, which was fixed recently. Try to update your kobotoolbox version.

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I will try, however I have such as 200,000 data, with photos too,
Do you know if update the server could be dangerous?

I’m trying to upgrade our version too, and having a really tough time with it. I’m getting several error messages including “kobotoolbox could not start”. So I would advice not to do it unless you have someone who really knows what they are doing.

Edit: But my main problem is because we have customized the code a little bit… If you haven’t done any customizations, it should be easier for you to do.

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