Error message (the form is too complex ...) seen when getting a blank form in KoBoCollect

I have install Kobo Collect in Samsung tablet, and updated the server settings but when I try to click fill in blank form. I get this error message "This form is too complex for this device. Try simplifying expression or contact the community"a4HuDoFCpkuuyEg52s6bM5.xls (130.5 KB) .

Hi there, I could not replicate your issue as the XLS form example did not crash on my device - the device+OS I was testing with must presumably have more memory.

However, I strongly suspect that the problem is due to the very long and complex ‘relevant’/skip logic rules in the Terminate Survey question on line 215.

On the ODK forum the user grzesiek2010 solved this issue by separating complex logic out into multiple separate ‘calculate’ questions to evaluate the separate parts of the logic, then having a separate question based on those separate calculated results to decide overall relevance (an example of how to separate out the logic is given in that forum post, and more details about the underlying error are in ODK Github issue 355).

Maybe give that a go!

There is also more information on the KoBo Support pages re troubleshooting KoBo Collect, together with more info re device selection, if that helps.

Cheers and good luck.

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yes it worked after changing the long-expression. Thanks