Error message when connecting to server and downloading new form

We have some partners in the field in Zimbabwe who are receiving error messages when trying to download a new form and I am trying to help from here in New York.

They are connected to wifi/ data (although I am not sure how strong the connection is) - and they are using the correct username and password and url (

The first error message is

"connecting to server: Form listing failed. Error: android.system.GalException: android_getaddrinfo failed: EALNODATA (no address associated with host name) while accessing

Also - when putting in the correct username and password for server authentication, the error message says "invalid username or password for server

Could this be anything other than a wrong username and password? (They say they are typing it in correctly)

Any help appreciated!

Hi @agordon

A quick thing to check would be if their devices are set to the correct date and time. Sometimes if a device’s date and time are not correct, it will have trouble connecting to the server.

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