Error Message when opening form

After deploying the form an error message occurs however when pressing ‘discard’ the submission and data collection works. How to ensure the error message doesn’t appear in the first place?

Welcome to the community, @veronica_acted! Could you kindly translate the error message to English? Also please let us know the server you are using?

Translation: ‘‘a version of the document that is unsaved has been found, do you want ot discard or load the unsaved document? two options: discard / load the unsaved document.’’
In the back end of the survey, there doesn’t seem to be any unsaved documents.

OK, so do you get this message when building and deploying a form or while collecting data through Enketo?

If you opened the form previously in your browser, and even if you didn’t enter any data and then closed it, enketo saves it as a draft. That’s why you’re getting this message.

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Thanks! Even if I have newly deployed a new version of the form, and open it for the first time?

Thanks! When building and deploying a form, then opening the form link to enter data.

Would you mind validating your xlsform through this online validator to see if you have any syntax issues within your xlsform?