Error messages

When do you get this error message? Is it at the time when you try to get the blank form to your app or is it at the time when you try to open the blank form?

when am trying to open the blank form

we also get this error message during the filling of the form

Seems like you should have some syntax issues within your xlsform. Try to validate it through this online validator to see if you are able to find any syntax issues?

Hello Oysbs,

This seems like you have syntax issues within your xlsform in the repeat group. It would be much easier if you could share the xlsform, so that the community could help you out.

Dinesh Dongol

NEW FORM as at 16th july.xlsx (121.4 KB)
kindly find the attached file is the XlS form that is giving us error.


@oysbs, when validating your xlsform through the online validator I could upload it without any issue: