Error previewing a form


I have uploaded a form to the humanitarian server but am not able to preview it. I keep getting this error message. Am however able to download and test the form on kobo collect. Any ideas what could be the issue?


Welcome @researchers2009,
Did you check your form with the Online valudator. ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x?
This is always recommended, even often during step-by-step form development.

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I’m having similar issue in uploading xlsform to Humanitarian server.

Kindly help.

Hi @fsimon23, welcome back!

Did you check the link @wroos provided for potential syntax issues in your form?

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Yes @hakan_cetinkaya , I have checked in the ODK-XLSform online link. Even after rectifying the errors, I’m not able to upload the document.

I think the server is working now, as I’m seeing 10 drafts of the same file.

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@researchers2009, maybe you should have media files for your project, which you uploaded but failed to deploy/redeploy after uploading the media files. Doing so should solve your issue.

@wroos yes I checked and I can even preview the form in enketo. Am also able to download the form and run it using Kobo collect.

@Kal_Lam is there a way to check whether the preloads deployed successfully?

I just checked and under settings of the form am able to see all the preloaded files.

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There was no media files but I suppose the server was down for a brief period or more traffic, which delayed in uploading / reviewing.

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Thank you for updating @fsimon23!