Error seen while collecting data

Dear Kobo Team,

I am facing errors on kobo. Please can you assist me with the below two errors?

  1. I have created the form and deployed it. I am able to get the blank form. However, I am not able to open the form in fill blank form (only on SOME tablets; so the other tablets are working very well). Following is the error message displayed: “Error occurred An unknown error occurred. IO exception during parse!/ storage/ emulated/ 0/ Android data/; open failed: ENOENT (no such file or directory)” (screenshot below). I’ve tested the backend on the online validator 16 and it’s working properly! Also, I’ve tried to uninstall and re-install the app on these tablets and made sure that the latest version of kobo is KoBo Collect (v1.30.1) , same error is occurring all over again.

  2. This error is occurring also in almost all the tablets when we arrive at one section saying that “error evaluating field group” while data is being filled in a blank form. so basically the deployment and sending the survey on the tablet are working all fine. Also, I validated it and this section is working fine!

Thank you very much for assisting me in resolving the issues.


Welcome to the community, @myriamdagher1! Is this happening for the same survey project?

Yes exactly! Please can you let me know what should I do?

Maybe you will need to share your xlsform with the community for this. The community should be able to identify syntax issues that is affecting.

Dear Mr. Lam,

Thank you for your reply. Kindly find attached the xlsform sheet for the review of the community. I will be waiting for your feedback.

Thank you!


HH-mother survey.xlsx (73.5 KB)

Thank you for your reply. I’ve sent the backend by email in reply to your question. Please let me know if it’s well received. I will be looking forward to your feedback on our xlsform. Thank you!

Dear Mr. Lam, do you have any news about the backend? I’ve sent it by email. Please can you let me know if I should send it again to another email. Thank you.

Dear Kobo Community,

I’d like to follow-up on the email below. May I know when I should expect to hear back from you? Thank you for your assistance.


The community should reach you back soon.

Thank you very much!


@myriamdagher1, when validating your xlsform with the online validator I still see issues. FYR:

If you look at the error message closely you will see Error: [row : 58] Question or group with no name.. Which means that you have not provided name to the group name. FYR:


You will need to fix this and re-run the online validator to see if the same is able to capture any issues from your xlsform.

Dear Mr. Lam,

Thank you for your email. I will resolve the pending issues and re-run the updated xlsform on kobo.

Kind regards.

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