Error when activating backups


I am trying to install Latest Kobo Toolbox release from kobo-install on my own machine but having connectivity issue when activating backups on AWS S3. Please find below settings for backups.

Do you want to activate backups?
	1) Yes
	2) No
[2]: 1
║ Schedules use linux cron syntax with UTC datetimes.             ║
║ For example, schedule at 12:00 AM E.S.T every Sunday would be:  ║
║ 0 5 * * 0                                                       ║
║                                                                 ║
║ Please visit to generate a cron schedule. ║
PostgreSQL backup schedule?
[0 2 * * 0]: 
MongoDB backup schedule?
[0 1 * * 0]: 
Redis backup schedule?
[0 3 * * 0]: 
AWS Backups bucket name [rmmv-bak-kobo]: 
How many yearly backups to keep?
How many monthly backups to keep?
How many weekly backups to keep?
How many daily backups to keep?
[30]: 1
MongoDB backup minimum size (in MB)?
Files below this size will be ignored when rotating backups.
PostgresSQL backup minimum size (in MB)?
Files below this size will be ignored when rotating backups.
Redis backup minimum size (in MB)?
Files below this size will be ignored when rotating backups.
Chunk size of multipart uploads (in MB)?
Use AWS LifeCycle deletion rule?
	1) Yes
	2) No
║ Administrative privileges are required to update your /etc/hosts. ║
Do you want to review your /etc/hosts file before overwriting it?
	1) Yes
	2) No
Removing network kobomaintenance_kobo-maintenance-network
WARNING: Network kobomaintenance_kobo-maintenance-network not found.
Stopping kobofe_kpi_1            ... done
Stopping kobofe_kobocat_1        ... done
Stopping kobofe_enketo_express_1 ... done
Stopping kobofe_nginx_1          ... done
Removing kobofe_kpi_1            ... done
Removing kobofe_kobocat_1        ... done
Removing kobofe_enketo_express_1 ... done
Removing kobofe_nginx_1          ... done
Removing network kobofe_kobo-fe-network
Network kobobe_kobo-be-network is external, skipping
Stopping kobobe_postgres_1    ... done
Stopping kobobe_redis_cache_1 ... done
Stopping kobobe_redis_main_1  ... done
Stopping kobobe_mongo_1       ... done
Removing kobobe_postgres_1    ... done
Removing kobobe_redis_cache_1 ... done
Removing kobobe_redis_main_1  ... done
Removing kobobe_mongo_1       ... done
Removing network kobobe_kobo-be-network
Launching environment
Creating network "kobobe_kobo-be-network" with driver "bridge"
Creating kobobe_redis_main_1  ... done
Creating kobobe_redis_cache_1 ... done
Creating kobobe_mongo_1       ... done
Creating kobobe_postgres_1    ... done
Waiting for PostgreSQL database to be up & running...
Creating network "kobofe_kobo-fe-network" with driver "bridge"
CommandError: Retries exceeded; failed to connect
An error has occurred

I checked the logs but they aren’t showing much information. Can someone help me in identifying what is wrong?


Hi @dhakim,

Kindly please be informed that this is not related with backups. It should be a PostgreSQL connection issue. Would you mind trying the latest version of kobo-install. Try running ./ --update and setup a new password for PostGreSQL.

Have a great day!