Error when trying to Upload surveys from old forms on Koboconnect

One enumerator says that they have updated our survey to the new edited form and now cannot upload 7 surveys completed on the old form. Is this normal? Is there a way around it? Any suggestions?
I am remote from the surveyor so can only give instructions.

Hi @david_shields
When enumerator update new edited form, submission only possible for new form.
So it’s normal as I know.

Thanks Suman. They had surveys collected using the old form that they had not uploaded to the server. This is what they say they can’t find now.

Somehow they could download the new form but not upload completed surveys.

They have 7 forms saved and when trying to open to upload they get the message :

"ERROR - Unable to edit this saved form because the corresponding blank form is not present or was deleted. Form ID: atNtM5cgWv… Version: vFP…

We have elected to delete the app and reinstall it :frowning: but hope that someone can explain what to do to fix this or avoid it in the future.