Error when uploading forms

One of our interviewers collecting data gets an error when uploading his forms “Error : Generic Exception: Error: Forbidden”

What could be the cause of this error, He is the only one experiencing this problem

Welcome back to the community, @alexiga! Seems like you are using the Collect android app to submit your data. If so, would you also mind sharing the Server Settings screenshot from your app (that has issues sending submissions to the server)? Maybe that should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Hi @Kal_Lam , below is the screenshot for server settings

@alexiga, never share your password in the public forum. PLEASE CHANGE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Regarding your issue, please change the URL to:

Keep the Username and Password as it is.

For details, please also feel free to refer to the support article that should help you configure your app: