Error when user submits form: Save Error registry ID already exists


We’ve been using Kobo deployed on our infrastructure, installed with kobo-install docker and inputting data for a few hundred users and several thousand entries.

Lately for the last weeks, we have had a recurring issue with users reporting errors when submitting: specially on forms with offline-online mode enabled.
We have a few “admin” users on Kobo toolbox, but we use a single link generated with an admin user account and then shared with all input users for each form given. When they access and fill out the form they get:


Save Error: this registry or ID already exists.


The forms are quite lengthy and do not involve any “unique” fields marked as such, but cause confusion as the users doubt if they is a restriction on entries or a possible “system overload”

The forms published are either on their first version deployed or even 4th or 5th, and it happens in both cases.

This has proved to be quite inconvenient. as our current “solution” involves re-generating the link with another account and then sharing it back to the users, not until they have reported the issue though causing significant frustration and distrust on the platform’s quality.

Checking the logs also includes lots of entries similar to this:

enketo_express_1  | 06:41:50 0|enketo  | hashArr,aExRvJTmPbbizgfAM9u9LE [ 'md5:5fd5745ec8d4b9c584a4d241d35b9176',
enketo_express_1  | 06:41:50 0|enketo  |   'f87a574cfcbb6ddb847b84d2559dd263' ]

We have also suffered on a few previous instances of links expiring and reporting that the Form ID is not valid; again fixing the issue by re-generating links, again with the drawbacks and inconveniences already mentioned.

What is happening? Is there any way to avoid it?

Please help!

The Enketo hashArr messages are normal and just informational logging (not errors).

Is that error the exact text that appears? I can’t find that message in the code. If you’re receiving it in a language that’s not English, you don’t need to translate it: just paste the exact message here (or take a screenshot).