Error while submitting forms

I have this error when trying to sync the forms
Pleas help me


Welcome to the community, @metropolitana5! Do you get this error message in Collect android app or in Enketo?

In collect Android.

@metropolitana5, could you share with us the screenshot of the General Settings>Server from your Collect android app? Maybe we could see if the settings are distorted there?

Here is the “Screenshoot”


Tipo: KoBoToolBox
Nombre de usuario: xxxxxxx

Some time ago it was possible to send forms from this device but now I do not know what will have happened that is not possible

Could you also list down the project name so that we could have a closer look at your end? Besides, are you the admin user for this survey project or are you only collecting data for this project?

The name of project is: “Cuestionario Puntos Observación RM5 Región La Granja”. And yes, im the admin of project

@metropolitana5, sorry I could not find your username in both our servers. There should either be a typo in the username you shared or you should be using some self hosted servers. Could you kindly confirm?

I was looking for the user in the project and it did not appear, so I added it again and there it was possible to send the form without errors.
Why was the user deleted for that project?

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Sorry did not get it correctly?

So did you mean you were able to solve your issue?

Yes, I was able to solve the problem. The problem was that the user was not assigned to this project but I don’t know how this could be possible. Since he was assigned a few weeks ago, he even managed to submit some forms ahead of time.

Thanks you


@metropolitana5, thank you for confirming! Glad to know that your issue has been solved.