Errors fetching sumbmissions

I have been downloading data from my encrypted survey and I encounter the following error for a number of the submissions. It appears to be affecting 106 out of 4607 submissions (4607 is the total that appears on my projects page and 4501 is the number I end up with after pulling and exporting). My assumption is that this may have to do with a small number of respondents encountering some data transmission error while submitting the form. Is that possible? Is this a common issue and is there something I can do about it or is it to be expected? Thanks, John

I am pasting the error message below. I have replaced specific URL info with “xxx”.

Submission not retrieved: org.opendatakit.briefcase.util.ServerFetcher$SubmissionDownloadException: Fetch of a submission failed.  Detailed error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (500) while accessing:
Please verify that the URL, your user credentials and your permissions are all correct.

Hi @johnrbpalmer,

Don’t exactly know the reason behind your issue but maybe the attached support article Encrypting Forms should help you if there is anything missing at your end.

Have a great day!

Thanks, @Kal_Lam. I followed that article closely when setting up the survey and it was very helpful. I will go through it again to see if there is something I missed but I don’t think there is. One thing I wonder is whether certain browsers are unable to perform the encryption step and the upload gets blocked as a result. If anyone else has ideas or has experienced something similar, please let me know.

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