Errors when editing groups


Over the past month or so, I have repeatedly encountered issues when editing groups in the form builder. The issue arises after a group has been created. I am able to drag new questions into a group, however when I save and preview, these changes do not appear. Saving and closing out of the form builder does not fix the error either.

I have encountered this error on multiple accounts in the HHI server, so it is not unique to one account.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

This error has not been fixed. Easy to reproduce. Create three questions. Select one and start a group. Add one or two questions to the group. Save. Close. Reopen and only the first question is in the group. Happens every time. This post lists my workaround, but it is a nuisance.

Thanks @jblackman, it seems that i too could not produce the same today! @gemswbg please be informed that the issue has already been lodged in the github 20 days ago:

Here is another workaround for this issue. Create a group with one question. Then add other questions to the group. If the text is blue, then move it up or down in the group until it the text is no longer blue. Continue to add questions until all group questions have been added. Now re-organize the questions in the correct order.

This is a pretty strange workaround, so be sure to check your XLS file to make sure that the groupings are arranged correctly before deploying. However, it is quick and easy and so far seems to work.

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One “last” comment on this issue. I have now built quite a few groups and find that I add to add questions twice for it to work correctly.

  • Create a group with one question.
  • Add a second question. It will have blue text.
  • Move the question above or below the first question. The text is no longer blue.
  • Repeat with each new question.
  • Re-order when you are done adding questions.

Hope this helps isolate the issue.

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A fix is coming :slight_smile:

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