Errors with the responses received. They arrive empty and cannot be viewed

I have two problems:

1-I was sending a test response and when I receive them they arrive empty without any data as if it were a blank form

2-in the Data screen where the responses are seen, it only allows me to view the first two responses, with the rest when clicking on the view icon it opens a blank page and it keeps loading, the strange thing is that if it opens the answer when I click on edit

@metodologia, could you also share a screenshot of what you are reporting? This should help us visualize your issue pictorially. In addition, could you also let us know the server you are using? This should help us troubleshoot.

Here we see how there is no data from the test answers I did

Here we see how another totally blank page opens when I click on the display icon

I am new to kobotoolbox and therefore I do not use a server as such at the moment, I only download in xlsx format

@metodologia, can you see the data when downloading your data in XLS format?

As I explained at the beginning, the only data that I can see are the first two responses, and the rest is not visible at all, this also happens in the xslx