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Good evening.
It is the very first time I’m using Kobo and I apologise in advance for the dummy questions.
I have shared a form with a collegue and she submitted an answer. As far as I can see, its user name is not displayed, so we are not able to know who administered the survey. Do you know if it appears somewhere?
Moreover, I have exported the excel file. I clicked on the sheet named “CHOICE”, I wanted to see some graphs so I clicked on the cascade window “Question” but it doesn’t display anything.

What should I do?

Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

Hi @marialombardo,

Welcome to the community!

Regarding your first concern:

Unless and until you don’t configure your user name under the General Settings>User and device identity>Form metadata>Username you won’t be able to see the username in your data-set. Configure the same and you should be able to see as configured.

Regarding your second concern:

Please have a look at the forum discussion that has been discussed earlier here which should solve your issue.

Have a great day!

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