Excel power query not functioning as expected

hello dear,
When I follow the step of [Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query — KoBoToolbox documentation](https://Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query) an error appear.

How can I make it ?
Thanks for your understanding

Welcome to the community, @cherifmad! Looking at your issue it seems like you are using the wrong project in the API i.e. 735479 may not be the correct one. Try checking out your project correctly as outlined in the support article and reach us back if you still need support.

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Thank you for your answer but I tried the whole process of This tutorial , I searched for the link of my project like this picture

in Sublime text editor. I copied the link and followed the next step but, the error appears again. How can I solve it ?
Thanks for your understanding

@cherifmad, would you mind sharing with us the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Ok… I send you message. Thanks for all

Sorry, I have not received your private message so far. Let us know when you have shared it with us.

Please dear, reload your message… I sent you 2 messages with all information you need to help me. Thanks for your supporting

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I now received them @cherifmad. Will get back to you soon!

@cherifmad, make your data public from SETTINGS>Sharing as shown in the image shared below:

And you should be able to access your data in the Excel Power Query.

Thank you very much for your support. If I have a suggestion to help Kobotoolbox, how can I share my idea?
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That’s great! You could create a new post for the same. I shall then categorize it accordingly.

Hi @Kal_Lam I need some information in this “button” as I click, what is the meaning please? Does everyone have access to the data I publish via the Kobotoolbox API?

Welcome back to the community, @cherifmad! Would you mind sharing the screenshot of the button you are trying to refer to? That should be helpful for the community to understand your issue pictorially.