Exclude "dd" from date

Hello community, I need help on how I can design my form to capture dates without days, as indicated in the questions below. Thank you

  1. In which month and year were you born?
  2. In which year did you begin your business?
  3. In which month were your highest sales?

Hi @vincentkayemba and welcome to the community!

This help article should solve your issue: Date and time question types — KoboToolbox documentation

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank you @hakan_cetinkaya. The solution has worked for questions 1 & 2. It’s only question 3 where I still have challenges.

@vincentkayemba as a workaround, do you need to use date type question when asking for a month?

How about using a select-one question?

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I agree with you. I had earlier on used a select-one question. I Thought there was a better option. Let me stick to the select-one type question.

Once again, thank you so much @hakan_cetinkaya


Welcome @vincentkayemba,

  • Is it not reevant to know if the “highest sales” was in February 2020 or 2022? You could use here a date type with appearance month.
  • You might add constraints for data consisteny checks: born < business start (minimum age?) <= highest sales month.