'Export Failed' when attempting to download

@Kal_Lam not sure if it is correct procedure to continue inside related thread but we are getting Export Failed only related to geojson export of a project’s data (TBCCE-Facilities). We have/had no groups but did change the field names from automatic in an early version and then recently added three select multiple questions which seems to have initiated the failure.

@chris, was the change made from a repeat group question?

@Kal_Lam via KoBoToolbox Community Forum the change between being able to export to geojson and not was marked by the insertion of three select-multiple questions which were placed after the repeat group (which has itself remained unchanged).

@chris, would you mind sharing with me the following (through a private message) so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Hello everyone,

I am collecting data using questionnaire with multiple repeat and group involved. I received a “Export failed” error trying to download data. So I archived the first instance and deployed a new project using the same xlsForm. My form has been pretested using getodk.org/xlsform piloted and seemed to work okay (did not test downloading though). The “Export Failed” error still persists.

Please help.

@yambs4, would you mind switching the Select questions to be exported that is present under the Advanced options to see if that should solve your issue?


Thank you @Kal_Lam. Your suggestion seems to solve the problem but I’ll have to check how many of the variables I can download.

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Greeting to you!

I am struggling with the same issue. Could you please assist me due to its urgency? i attached here the XLS form and screen shot for your easiest reference and you can go through them.

Yours is a different issue, reported by several others at this time period. It was caused by our servers being overwhelmed and should be resolved now. Thanks for your patience.

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Dear JNM,

Thanks for responding and it is really appreciated; now it is solved.


Thank you for confirming, @zobair_seddiqi!