Export failed when selected "Include fields from all deployed versions"


I am not able to download data when I select “Include fields from all 5 deployed versions”. I am getting “Export Failed” error.
I want to download data from all 5 deployed versions. Please help.
Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Select “DATA” from to
  2. Select “Downloads” from left menu
  3. “Include fields from all 5 deployed versions” is checked
  4. Click “EXPORT” button.

Expected behavior

Should be able to download data.

Actual behavior

Export Failed error is displayed. Please see attached picture.

Additional details

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Hi @binod123,

Welcome to the community! Are you still facing the issue? Just made a check on both the servers viz. HHI as well as OCHA and did not see the issue you reported. Could you kindly check your internet connection and see if the issue still persists?

Have a great day!

I also have a similar problem. It says export failed. When I put the cursor on the top of the download icon “failed” it says Group_groupname . Can you suggest me how to retrieve the data. I was trying to download them in xls. I tried other format too. same problem.

Enamul Haque

Hi @akehaque, @binod123

Welcome to the community! As a workaround try downloading your dataset in the XLS (legacy) format. You should be able to download the dataset!

Have a great day!