Export of Users/profiles accessing my forms

I am hosting a number of forms in a centralized account which i grant access to different staff based on their accounts and assign roles and accesses to them.

Yet, iam unable to batch export all users accessing my forms and their role. i did it in the past via the profiles api as i recall but this is not working anymore.

Also, is there a way to batch assign users to forms, reset their password? and how can we form teams?

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Hi @gstephan,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing the steps that you did in the past so that someone could carry and make it work from the community!

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So in the past what is i did is to data tab in excel / Web and input the API link for user and run it. and i will get a table with all the user (username, emails, roles, etc…) all together.

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Hi @gstephan,

Well great! Could you show that as an example …

Have a great day!

The issue is its not working at the moment in order to show an example and i cant find the old file.

this is the API link i used in Excel power query: https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/api/v1/profiles/field_lebnorth

Hi @gstephan
Please see additional answers/queries to your ticket items:

Unfortunately this is not possible within the system. There is no workaround around batch assignment of forms or reset of passwords.

This is rather broad, do you want to form teams that can be identified as teams e.g. A, B and C which specify different users? If that is the case, then I have not come across a process of doing this.

Do you want to simply replicate a sharing done on one project to another project? If Yes, then you can do this by copying team from another project under the manage permissions

Workaround for teams: Using the above, you can create dummy projects e.g. single questions and then create a team under each. You can then use these as the sources of team from another project


Thank you @stephanealoo, is it possible though to extract via an API link the users per forms?

None that I am aware of but you can check some discussions that have happened here