Export xls with reaped groups with python

Hi :slight_smile: I am new with python, and I would like to export files with repeated groups. These files come in 2 separate sheets. Now, with my code, I can only download 1. Has someone done something similar before?

Welcome to the community, @StephanieMilan! Interested to know on why you would like to do the same in python when it’s done so easily through the system?

Hi @Kal_Lam :slight_smile: Thanks for the welcoming!

I am doing this through python because I have many forms (around 90) and I am downloading and cleaning the information with the code at the same time.

Hi @StephanieMilan, can you please share your code so we can take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, sure! I was using the this structure: SEEDS/download_forms.py at main · riklinssen/SEEDS · GitHub

  • I have changed the format to xls but I always get one sheet :frowning:
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Hi @StephanieMilan, it looks like you are using the CSV export in your script which does not support repeat groups. You will need to download the XLSX version :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I changed to xlsx but I still get only one page :frowning:

I changed the type_:

for uid in to_download[‘uids’]:
export=gcsv.create_export(asset=uid, username=username, passwd=passwd, domain=domain, lang=‘English (en)’, type_=‘xls’)

and then, I added:

df = pd.read_excel(to_download, sheet_name=0)

df_2 = pd.read_excel(to_download, sheet_name=1)





filename=form.replace("\n", "")+'.xls'

if formtype=='End of season evaluation':


print(assetname, countryname, form, link, formtype)

df_all = pd.concat([df,df_2])


But it doesn’t work :frowning: too

Hi @StephanieMilan, I’m not sure what gcsv.create_export() is doing exactly, but here is a simple example reading from a downloaded xls file:


type name label
begin_repeat names Names
text name What is your name?

Reading data: