Export your data in XLS Legacy to see the Values as opposed to Value Labels


I am new to this community and delighted to be part of it! I am a social scientist researcher with no programming experience and I would like to know if it is possible to use the web based form builder (for a household survey of >2000 individuals) and still be able to download the excel database once the survey is done with the answer codes to start statistical analysis.

I have used ODK collect in the pas and we had a data management specialist do the excel form following the coding procedure for answers BUT this time we are wondering about using the web based form directly.

Question 2. Is it possible (and if yes how) to “link” 2 questionnaires (1 head of household and 1 women from that household) and get a common code for that household?

Many thanks for your insights!!


Welcome to KoBoToolbox forum. I confirm that yes you can be able to do data collection on the web based form for any number of responses you need. We have provided explanation for doing this here

On your second question, you have to create these two questionnaires within one project so that you use skip logics to ensure that you only continue to the next section on skip logic. Ideally each questionnaire would therefore be a section. To learn more about skip logics, kindly look here.

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Agree with @stephanealoo. And, in my opinion sing web forms (Enketo) is usually preferable to using KoboCollect. Check this post out: Enketo (Web Forms) vs KoboCollect

If I understand your second question, your form will have a head of household portion and a women from that household portion. The first can be thought of as a header, and you can simply create your form as you wish. When you start entering women from that household, you can start a group with another set of questions. Be sure to set the group settings and check both appearance and repeat.

You will end up with two excel worksheets for the data, linked by a parent id.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your answers.

I think I need to re-formulate my question, sorry if I wasn’t clear I am still trying to understand ODK and its functions.

We need to create a questionnaire (develop a questionnaire) in english and Maldives language (divedi), I am wondering if we could create that new questionnaire (which will be long and complex one, we have the word version as of now) using xls form or using a web based interface (such as kobo toolbox website?)

If we use kobo toolbox website, I can see it is easy to create questions and develop the questionnaire like that but I cannot see the coding system there); so basically can we set up a new questionnaire and enter the codes (1=yes 2=0 Don’t know=88 etc) in the internet version of kobocollect or do we need to learn to do this with xls form (which will require us hiring a data management specialist)?

My aim is that at the end of data collection in 5 months from now, the final database will look like something that can be analysed by a professional statistician (with answer codes already in the database)

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Le mer. 11 sept. 2019 à 01:02, Jon Blackman via KoBoToolbox Community Forum noreply@community.kobotoolbox.org a écrit :

Basically I want to create a new project using the form builder but I don’t see anywhere where I could enter the codes for answers (eg. 1=yes 2=no 88=don’t know etc) so that my final database at the end will provide me the codes for stats analysis…

Le mer. 11 sept. 2019 à 08:27, Mathilde Guntzberger matguntzberger@gmail.com a écrit :

You can optionally specify the value to save for each select option. If you dont it will automatically default to a non-spaced version of the choice label. Hopefully the following image is self explanatory

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I have tried but still the values in the final excel spreadsheets are the answer values and not the codes I have assigned (see attached)

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Le mer. 11 sept. 2019 à 10:11, Dr. Gareth S. Bestor via KoBoToolbox Community Forum noreply@community.kobotoolbox.org a écrit :

I have only a vague idea about language support. My guess is that you will want to create the form in english first, make sure it is ok, export to XLS format, translate it, and import as a new form. However, some of the instructions that are built-in will still be in English. (Getting over my head here.)

To see your values, try downloading in XLS LEGACY format. This shows the unique Id column. I am not aware of any download that has both the label values and the ID values, which seems very odd to me. Hopefully, I am missing something.


Ok yes in excel legacy format, for some reason, it does indicate the answer codes in the column!


Le mer. 11 sept. 2019 à 21:13, Jon Blackman via KoBoToolbox Community Forum noreply@community.kobotoolbox.org a écrit :

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Glad to know this worked. I have changed the subject to ensure it actually matches the query you had.

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Great thanks!!

Le dim. 15 sept. 2019 à 22:48, Stephane Aloo via KoBoToolbox Community Forum noreply@community.kobotoolbox.org a écrit :

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