Exported data showing in parenthesis & repeating questions

Hi, my data that i have exported from the submission keeps showing up in parenthesis, when i download it, both as csv and xls.
How can i remove these parenthesis?

Also, why do the questions keep repeating themselves? i have like 3 or 4 columns of the same question but different values.

Please help. Thanks :slight_smile:

@rosine, would you mind sharing the community a screenshot of what you are trying to explain? Maybe you should be able to explain your issue pictorially in this way.

Have you tried downloading your data in XLS format? It seems like you are downloading your data in CSV format.

thanks, it has worked when i download in xls.
The only issue now is the questions are being repeated in many columns, so each question has many separate columns, i dont know why.

Seems like those are from a select_multiple question type.

yes, so is there a way to avoid having them show up like that?

No, this is how a data is exported in XLS format if you have a select_multiple question type.