External selects not working as expected

I have the same problem, could anyone support on this, please.

Welcome to the community, @hamayoon_amini2010! Could you let us know the steps you performed to upload your media? Kindly please provide the detailed steps so that we could troubleshoot and help you solve your issue.

Thank you so much, These is .csv files that i am uploading through setting / media to take external data.

it worked very well but during this week it doesn’t work.

there is no any problem with the forms and method only problem is with kobo that not work now

@hamayoon_amini2010, could you share your CSV file? We would like to see if there are any issues in it?

it worked well till last week, there was no issue, and also i didn’t change anything.

for your information, i can’t upload any form because I am newly joined,

@hamayoon_amini2010, you should now be able to upload. If you still have issues uploading, please refresh your page.

HO353.csv (159.4 KB)

Maybe this post discussed previously should also help you solve your issue:

Dear @Kal_Lam thanks so much, i have all these in my xlsform there is no issue with the xls as it worked well till last week, the data not showing in the tablet/ smartphone. this is the problem.

@hamayoon_amini2010, how did you upload these files to the system previously? Did you use the legacy interface?

just uploading the csv file through setting / media and after that when we entered id number In the form /tablet it shows all data which was available in the csv file. the problem is with the kobo new update, that not showing data in the tablet

OK, as advised in my previous post could you change your csv header name from _id to id and follow all the instructions. This should solve your issue.