Failure in form download

Good Afternoon, I am facing a problem that I haven’t before and hoping someone might have a solution.

I worked on a form on the 27th and saved the form. Yesterday, I was unable to update the form, I later found out it was due to maintenance. However, I was able to update and re-deploy the form after midnight (Stockholm time).

The problem is today, I am unable to download the form to the mobile app. I created another project, uploaded the form to the new project, tested it on the browser and it is working fine, but when I try to download the form, the form fails to download. I have added the screenshot to the attachments.

Just to add - forms which had been deployed before the 28th are downloadable. I installed Kobo Collect on a different phone to see if there are any changes, but it is the same as before.

Forms deployed before the 28th are downloadable but those deployed since are failing to download. I am sorry if this doesn’t make any sense and am happy to respond with more details if need be.

EDIT: this got resolved, there were choices without labels in the choice sheet!
My apologies!

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Hello @shourjya_sipri,
I would like to recommend using the online validator to validate your forms during development. Best step-by-step during form design.

I will look that up - thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

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