Field with export data to xls

Hello, every body.
I’m using kobo since 1 year, but i don’t know to have 1 only field with 1 column in my data xls when a use a question multi choice. For exemple, question : What is your favorite color ?
1-Red 2-Blue 3-Green 4-Black ----> My response : 4-black
I want in my export xls, one column with my response “Black” in column “Color”.
Not 4 columns with my 4 possibles responses like this :
Color Red ( ), Color Blue ( ), Color Green ( ), Color Black (1)

How can i do to reduce columns in my data export xls.

Sorry for my Englich :sweat_smile: !

This is the normal behaviour with select_multiple. You get one colum with the chosen selections separated by (one) space and additionally one column per choice option (even if not used). As far as I know, it is not possible to change this structure.
This separated item structure is also needed to allow advanced analysis and tabulations, e.g. with SPSS.

Would you mind to explain, why you want to change it? (If you only want one choice, why not use select_one?)

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Yes for your advice.
I change my form with select_one. I want ton change this form because I find it’s “boring” to erase column detail response. I would know if it 's possible to have just one column at the first download.

Ok THANKS a lot WROOS ! ! !! :wink: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

It’s ok with select_one ! ! it’s a good advice ! :wink:

Hint: Be careful. The form change will not work for download of already submitted data.

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