Follow up questions not showing without reloading the form

I am facing two issues with the designed form at the moment.

  1. The questions in a repeat loop conditional upon a number question are not showing up automatically without reloading the web form. For example, if a respondent answers that they were working 2 jobs in the past 12 months, 2 sections should open up with each containing questions relevant to each job. However, these don’t open if I do not reload the page.
  2. The calculations from questions don’t automatically show up unless I reload the page.

Please can somebody suggest a solution to this?

Did you use the repeat_count or the repeat_group? You should be using the repeat_count here.

@Kal_Lam I used the repeat_count feature.

Have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator to see how it behaves?

@Kal_Lam I used this initially when I uploaded the forms, now the validator is showing a bad gateway error. The repeat_count based loops were weird even back then.

Could you share with the community a screenshot of the same? Maybe the community should be able to help you out?

Here’s the screenshot of the issue I am facing. Ideally a repeat group should open after the number of jobs is entered in the field, with the number of repeats being equal to the number entered in the field.
However, this does not happen when I enter the number, and need to refresh the webform (sometimes multiple times) for the repeat group to work.

Could you share the section (that holds the repeat count) of the XLSForm with the community? Maybe the community should be able to have a look and help you out.

@Kal_Lam Please see the attached screenshot from the XLS form.

@yashukalera, would you mind changing the variable name from x2.41a to x241a to see how it behaves? Please feel free to reach back to the community on what happens.

@Kal_Lam I tried this, but it completely stopped working; the loops don’t start even if I reload. I then removed the condition from the ‘relevant’ field for the repeat_group, after which it worked as intended. It appears that the repeat_groups prioritise the ‘relevant’ field over the ‘repeat_count’ field. I have adjusted the form a bit to accommodate this, will update if issues still come up. Would be great if there is a viable solution to this.

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