Form content disappears after ODK validate error

After trying to deploy my form, I got an ODK validate error message, probably due to an expression I used for constraints in a multiple response type of question, which is no longer supported. The problem now is that I cannot correct the form because all the questions have disappeared, and only the section titles are remaining, and the form properties only mention 7 questions (corresponding to the 7 sections) instead of about a 100 ish questions inittially. Is there a way to retrieve the form as it was before the “deployment incident”?

Thank you in advance

That is rather unfortunate. However to investigate this, could you send us (privately) a link to your project we look at it. In the meantime you could also try seeing if you had deployed the project previously. If so then you should be able to see previous versions of your form which you can easily clone and download the XLS version of what had previously worked. Regrettably, if the changes had not been saved, it would be practically impossible to retrieve them.


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