Form download list fail

Collect cant reach the server at KoBoToolbox.

I did and always enter the correct user name and password yet it always shows the error message that it fails to download the form because of the incorrect password and username.

I have created two account on Kobo, the recent account where I created my project and as soon as I lock into my phone I could not access it, However I check my passwords and user name using my google account and realized that only my first/initial account kobo account was register on my google accounts lists.

This is what I mean, I have two kobo account, however, the person collecting data in the field could not access the project from his. her phone when she asks to fill the blank form the error message appears that " collect can’t reach the server at HTTP://

Although I provide them and enter the correct password and username.

When I check my google accounts password I could only see google account for the previous KOBO account as attached.


Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

@d3ikomek, could you share with us a screenshot of the General Settings>Server from your KoBoCollect android app? This should help us to know if there are any typo in your configuration.

Seat Kobotoolbox team,

Attached is the screenshot,

@d3ikomek, I mean a screenshot of the General Settings>Server. The place where you configure your accounts settings in KoBoCollect android app.



See attached screenshot.

Sorry see attached.

As mentioned earlier, I have been creating two different kobo account with the same email address, however, when I check the email address I could only see the initial account but not this current one where my project is.

Could be a conflict between using two accounts in one email.

Hi @d3ikomek suggest removing the username (after the /) from the URL in Server Settings. The URL should be just as the username is in the Username section so doesn’t need to be in the URL as well.

Maybe give that a try?


Thanks. I had the same problem.

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Welcome to the community, @esuinao_mne! So did you mean you could solve the issue through this topic discussion?

@Kal_Lam , Hi, I did not solve it. @nat 's post solved the issue for me. I created two kobo accs, where, when I shared the form created in one it would not show in the android kobocollect. I was going through the posts in this forum when I came across the post by @nat. According to the suggestion made in @nat 's post, I just have to remove the username from the URL in the kobocollect general settings to enable access to the shared forms from one account to the other in the same server. cheers.


Great! Thank you for confirming!