Form Error on Auto fill with pulldata

I am having a problem with Auto Fill Code,

I have created a form named “Drug Price Auto Fill” with pulldata function. Here I attached XlS file and CSV file.

I need to show drug price when the user search and select the drug name in the form. Currently, No value return with auto-fill

My form - Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox

Hi @Uditha
Welcome back to the community forum. Kindly attach the XLS file and CSV files as attachments so that we look at them. I was not able to amend the link you had shared.


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Here I attached both files.

XLS file
Drug Price Auto Fill.xlsx (42.2 KB)
CSV file
drug.csv (130 Bytes)

Thank you for the quick replay :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Uditha
I was able to find your problem and we should be able to update our article to answer this very problem.

  1. You are pulling data by referencing text from a select one question. This should work very well not a problem.
  2. However, select_one questions do not store the label but rather the name which will be used to operationalize the pull data functionality. See screensot below to explain

  1. To resolve this, kindly change the items in the column labeled drug for your CSV to correspond to what is in the column labelled name within the survey sheet of your XLS form. Just as an example, you can replace 8X Shampoobottle of 60 ml Shampoo with option_1 in your csv file and the pull data will work pretty fine. You may want to add a column on the CSV with drugname so that you can preserve the drug name for future reference.


I hope this will help you resolve your problem.


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Thank you very much for your great help. Now my form working fine. :handshake: