Form linking

I would like the question q on form b to be displayed only if I select “level 1” on form a and indicate that the intervention is done and provided at the ANC unit. What syntax code can I use to ensure that this question is shown on form b when all the requirements are met?

Welcome to the community, @sharonakinyi! If you have missed this support article Adding Skip Logic previously, it should help you add skips to your questions.

Hey i used the skip logic but it has not helped me, is there a way i can share the forms here?

@sharonakinyi, is it an issue of a single form or linking 2 different forms?

I have already linked the two forms, but this particular set of questions is not functioning
In form A, I included Q1 to capture the hospital’s level, Q2 to determine if a specific intervention is available at the hospital, and Q3 to select the unit responsible for providing the intervention (multiple choices allowed). In form B, I would like to display a corresponding question if I select “level 1” and confirm that the intervention is provided at the hospital in that particular unit.
I have used this syntax code and it is not working; ${level} = ‘1’ and ${interventionr1} = ‘yes’ and selected(${unitr1}, ‘anc_unit’)

@Kal_Lam waiting for your response

@sharonakinyi, maybe you will need to share the relevant part of your XLSForm with the community so that the community should be able to help you out.