Form not updated with the shared username

I modified a form, redeploy, and shared with another user. However, the latest form is not updated with the shared person’s account (which is seen from the legacy interface). I upload an attachment of the screenshot showing ‘last modified date’ same as ‘created date’. However, in the other interface ‘last modified date’ is shown correctly.

In the Kobo Collect tool in mobile, the updated form is also not available even after clicking get new form.

Please help me out solving these troubles.

Thank in advance.

Hi @nasif_ahsan,

Welcome to the community! Sometimes you assume that you have redeployed the survey project but does not get redeployed.

You could ensure this as shown in the image below:

However, once you redeploy you should see the following changes (as shown in the image below) when compared to the image shared above:

Ensure these and you should be able to update your survey project with the changes you made by redeploying.

Have a great day!

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