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I have built a project of about 3000 lines. there is a question select husband name in which eligible husband list from household section should be appeared. It was working when the was small (2000 lines). but after modifying a question the list is not showing properly. If I save and exit the form and after reopen the saved form the list showing properly. I am not understanding why is this probelm arising? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance

@dataanalyticbd, did you mean 3000 questions or choices? In either way it’s a long list though.

Yes. Actually the questionnaire is not so long but for logic set and dynamic choice set we needed to calculate more variables. Also for the household member information I did’t use repaeting group because we have more than 3 lac household and which member will be more than 15 lac. So we cannot download data from excel (as excel has only 10 lac rows) for that reason I had to create variables for all members sepeartely for all roster question. Is the problem creating for long form?

There will be important disadvantages for statistical data analysis if you don’t use repeats. You might think about

  • doing the export through the API
  • cloning your form and use 2 identical copies to stay in the Excel limits (and later combine the files, e.g. in SPSS)
  • exporting in csv format and not using Excel.
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as you explain, the issue is related to changing on question/answer. Could you provide more details, please:

  • what change?
  • how is the question related to the choice list?
    Could you provide extract of the form and screenshots here?

It seems that there is a code dependency to the question which only gets internally updated on save.

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Thanks, wroos.

The problem has been solved for now. But I need to learn about your above solution. Could you please send me details (screenshot will be better) about exporting through the API and also cloning the form as 2 identical copies.

Thanks a lot.

you can easily find more information using the Help Center and the search function of the forum, e.g.

To avoid the Excel maximum limits in your case, I would suggest using csv export and a statistical tool like SPSS, Stata or R.

Would you mind to explain to the community, please, how your “problem has been solved for now’”?

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Actaully I set the calculation in two way. First I put the logic in relevant and output cell reference in calculation column. It worked previously. But when got problem I used if function in calculate column then it works properly.


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Hello @dataanalyticbd,
As far as I know, in general, a calculate type cannot be controlled by a relevant.

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