Form preview error: Error gl9nz92

Hi! could anyone indicate how do I solve Error gl9nz92.

Thank you!

Hello @tdiniz,
Could you provide a screenshot with the error and more details, please? (Incl. used KoBoServer, Collect or Enketo, etc.)

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I did some changes in the form which i am allowed to save, however when i try to preview or deploy it gives the gl9nz92 error`.

Could you try and download the XLS version of your form and then test it on to help you identify the error?

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Hi @tdiniz,

Kindly please validate your xlsform as advised by @stephanealoo. If you are still not able to solve the issue kindly please feel free to share your xlsform with the community. The community would be happy to help you solve your issue.

At the same time if you have already solved the issue would you also mind to share how you solved the same to the community so that the community would benefit if someone had the same in the future.

Hi guys!

Many thanks for your support! will save your solutions in case there is a “next time”, as i was under a ddl and ended up creating a new form.

Many Thanks

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Yeah that’s a quick way to sometimes troubleshoot when you have a tight time schedule :wink: